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“Research findings indicate that the average Penis girth is 5.2 inches. This study was done on almost 3,000 men from 27 countries and the average penis length is a maximum of 5 to 6.2 inches. However, 80% of women wish their partner to have an average penis size of 6.5 to 7 inches.

The penis is composed of a spongy tissue that fills up with blood when you get an erection. So, it is obvious that the more blood flow in the penis, the bigger will be your penis.

The male genitalia consists of three chambers, two of which are located at the topmost position known as Corpora Cavernosa ( which maintains the erection strength) and one at the bottom known as Corpus Spongiosum through which semen is ejaculated during sex.

The main concept behind penis enhancement is to allow more flow of blood into Corpora Cavernosa, which stimulates its strength and growth.

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Penis Enlargement options like Surgeries, Vacuum pumps, Stretching & weight hanging, Jelqing & clamping are the most dangerous methods of Penis Enlargement.

Here is an analysis of what you are typically exposed to:

Erectile Dysfunction is one of the most common side effects of Penis surgery.
Use at your own risk Penis pumps are frequently known to cause serious injuries like lumps, bruises, and a limp penis
Stretching and weight hanging, seriously? These are indeed the most dangerous form of penis enlargement. They cause serious problems like extreme pain, torn ligaments, bruises and irregular blood circulation
Jelqing & clamping are ancient hoax’s that cause permanent and irregular damage to the penile tissue

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